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Website - Case Foundation Systems

Sales Lead / Job Tracking Package (Add on package for websites)

The site showcases the company's foundation and waterproofing business in Kentucky.

There is also the integrated Sales Lead / Job Tracking System on the site.

Here is a list of the features of the management system:

  • Sales Appointment Scheduling
  • Marketing Tracking
  • Job Assignement Scheduling
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Customer Tracking
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Sales and Marketing Reports

Website - Brinley's Financial

brinleysfinancialWhy Do Business With Brinley's?

At Brinley's we care about all of our clients.So whether you have 10 dollars or 10 million dollars, we will try our best to help you. We also take a very different approach to making sure our clients live debt-free and are aaltble to truly start creating wealth to power up their fortune. We look at every facet of life, recognizing that ROI on a savings plan is just a very small part of your overall financial plan. Our goal is to drastically reduce ALL interest that you pay in your lifetime as well as Taxes. Once this is accomplished we can save much more and easily create life changing wealth.


Website - Insurance Bargain Outlet

insurancebargainoutletInternational Major Medical Insurance

We know that the reasons to travel abroad are many and varied – that’s why our products are too. Our full-service approach to providing international medical insurance products includes servicing International Travel Major Medical Insurance vacationers, those working or living abroad for short or extended periods, people traveling frequently between countries, and those who maintain multiple countries of residence. To meet all of these needs, we have developed a comprehensive range of major medical, life, dental and disability products that can be tailored to meet your needs.


Website - Blue Grass Campaigns

bluegrasscampaignsWe Are Here To Help

When election time comes around, just turn on the television or the radio and you will be bombarded with the latest campaign commercials as the candidates slug it out. Like a horse race, the broadcaster shouts out the headlines of the latest poll. Billboards, yard signs, and campaign literature litter the streets. Answer your phone and you will likely hear a voice on the other end asking for your vote or asking where you stand on the issues of the day. Go to your mailbox and you will see mailer after mailer with the candidates promising to improve your schools, build new roads, increase your health care benefits and lower your taxes.


Website - Senator Dan Seum

senatordanseumDan "Malano" Seum

State Senator Dan Seum began his career in the Kentucky General Assembly in 1982 as a State Representative where he served until 1988. He was first elected to serve in the State Senate from 1989-1992, then again from 1995-present. He has served in Senate Leadership for the past eight years, first as the Senate Majority Whip from 2005 until 2007 and currently as Senate Majority Caucus Chairman since 2007. He was elected to both positions by his fellow caucus members.


Website - Jimmy Higdon

jimmyhigdon-afterSenator Jimmy Higdon

Sen. Jimmy Higdon has been in the Kentucky legislature since 2002: first as a representative to the General Assembly for the 24th district, which included Marion, Casey and part of Pulaski counties. Then in 2009, Jimmy won a special election for Senate district 14, which included Marion, Taylor, Nelson, Washington and Mercer counties. When redistricting took effect in 2013, Jimmy’s district changed. He now represents Marion, Casey, Nelson and Spencer counties and a portion of Jefferson County roughly outside the Gene Snyder Freeway, including Fern Creek and Jeffersontown.


Website - Palm Beach Fence Company

palmbeachfencecompanyPalm Beach Fence Company Aluminum Concepts

Aluminum Concepts fabricates and installs custom railing, gates, and fences. We supply contractors with high quality, durable, easy to install railing, gate, and fence products.


Website - Aluminum Railings and Gates

aluminumrailingsandgatesCustom Aluminum Gates for Any Application

We can design any theme into your custom ornamental aluminum gate. We build everythign from aluminum driveway gates, aluminum swimming pool gates, commercial gates, and much more...


Website - Woodlawn Park

woodlawnparkWorld famous Woodlawn Race Course

Once our area thundered with the sounds of horses' hooves. Crowds of people called their favorite horses on to victory. Our city of Woodlawn Park was the site of the world famous Woodlawn Race Course!


Website - City of Windy Hills

cityofwindyhillsCommunity Pride

Windy Hills takes pride in being a City of Historic Homes. Born of rich tradition and historic lineage, the property around the area of Muddy Fork of Beargrass Creek can be traced to deeds originally issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Early pioneer families from Virginia and Pennsylvania built the historic homes in Windy Hills. The craftsmanship of these families is evident in the lovingly maintained private homes.


Website - Skelton Company

skeltoncompanySkelton Company

Other than our company name, the most important thing you should know about us is “Since 1947”. Skelton Company Realtors has been in business continuously for over 65 years serving the real estate needs of the Louisville community. It was and still is family owned. Elizabeth Skelton Boland represents our 3rd generation of Realtors and we hope one, if not all her 3 sons, continues the family tradition.


Website - Retriever Consulting Inc

retrieverconsultingincPEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE

RCI is a group of dedicated, tenured professionals with a passion for helping others. Saving you money, keeping your business secure, and partnering with local charities are just a few ways that we give back.


Website - Veterans Security Solution

vetsecurityProtected The Nation, Now Protecting You

Set up your free home security review. You’ll get expert advice on home security systems and alarm monitoring from trained alarm system consultants.


Website - All Clean Pressure Washing Service


Did you know that the manufacturers of siding suggest you have your house washed using low pressure every two years to avoid the unsightly build up of oxidation and mold? Over time this build up will decolorize your siding. When was the last time you had your house washed? Our basic house wash includes cleaning siding, overhang, gutters (water stains), window trim, door trim, etc… (will look like new again!)


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