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Website Data - How to Show Database Data on Website

There are many occasions where I need to show database data directly on a website.  Most of our custom website solutions contain this type of website development. 

This type of development allows us to do many of the following:

  • Manage Customer Accounts
  • Track Sales and Jobs
  • Credit Card Payment Processing on Website
  • Automatic Recurring Billing for Websites
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • And Much Much More...


In this tutorial I'm going to teach you how to display data from a database in an HTML table on a webpage.

Here is the full demo for the data driven website

Click the button to get the data from the database

Date Marketing Customer Region Price
Click a column heading to sort the table

MooTools HtmlTable

I use the MooTools HtmlTable Class to show the data in an HTML Table on the webpage.  The MooTools HtmlTable Class makes it easy to add rows, sort data, select rows, and much more.  I use many of the options for the HtmlTable Class such as zebra, sort, and select.

MooTools Request (Ajax)

I use the MooTools Request Class to perform all of my Ajax calls to the database.

Google Charts

I use Google Charts Visualization to graphically display the data.

There is a lot of information contained in this tutorial.  I will try to break it down in simple steps.

This tutorial will show the following steps:


 You can download all of the files in the tutorial here:



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